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Hot Air and Love


Sydney has sold her Seattle-based company and is heading to Palm Desert for a change of scene and to consider what to do with the rest of her life. Her sons are in college, she’s single and has money in the bank. Her parents are happily retired in Arizona.


Hot Air and Love over Kenya is a novel about an adventurous woman’s decision to become a hot air balloon pilot and follow her lover to Kenya. Her relationships there with two men, one American and one Kenyan, present her with very different and absorbing challenges. 


Sydney’s interaction with neighboring Maasai villagers, her support of a run-away Maasai girl, her experiences working with the balloon company’s ground crew and fellow pilots provide rich insight into living in the Kenyan bush as an expat. Her newly discovered love of photography allows her to relate intimately to the local people, wild animals and spectacular scenery.


This book is for:

  • Everyone who loves a love story

  • Readers who enjoy compelling adventure and a strong woman protagonist

  • People who have seen Out of Africa at least twice

  • Travelers who have visited Africa and loved it

  • Travelers who prefer adventure without leaving home 

  • Professionals tempted to live in Kenya as expats

  • Young and old who would love to take a balloon ride but are too scared to actually go up (perhaps more frightened about landing) 

  • Young and old who have taken balloon rides and loved them 

  • The few who dream about becoming hot air balloon pilots 

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